Why The Alleged Plot Of FilAms Organizing To Unseat President Duterte Is Nothing But A Hollywood Myth

img_6890HONOLULU, Hawaii (The Adobo Chronicles, Honolulu Bureau) – The latest bombshell announced by Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Dueterte was a supposed plot by Filipina American millionaire Loida Nicolas-Lewis and Hungarian American billionaire George Soros  to unseat him, a plan that was apparently being hatched  by Filipino Americans.

While the revelation was understandably upsetting to many Filipinos and Filipino Americans, an investigative research  by The Adobo Chronicles’ interns shows that the plan was more of a myth.

The investigation clearly showed that despite Nicolas-Lewis’ millions of dollars to possibly finance the plan,  it wasn’t enough  to stage the unseating of Duterte which could only come in the the form of a “coup” or an EDSA-style people power.

First of all, the alleged plan couldn’t be hatched or carried out in the U.S. since it would require an overwhelming, if not totally united,  support from the more than 3 Million Filipinos living in  America.

We can’t even count how many Filipino organizations there are in America, each having their own agenda, political leaning and what not.  Even coalitions of FilAm organizations are no where close to representing the majority of Filipinos in America.  We have women’s organizations, LGBT organizations, regional organizations, university alumni organizations and what not. They could never agree on anything.

And how exactly will FilAms launch a coup from the U.S. ?  A million march in Washington, D.C.?

More like several hundreds, our researchers pointed out.

And Duterte will be watching it live on CNN (assuming it’ll even cover it) from Davao City and saying to himself, ‘Those sons and daughters of a wh*res!”




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