Philippine President Duterte Now A Fashion Trendsetter

imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – In a short span of thirty days, Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has surprised his countrymen — supporters and critics alike — with the speed with which he has implemented visible changes towards his campaign promise of reducing crime, drugs, government corruption, and improving the lives of ordinary citizens.

But Duterte has also started what others are calling a fashion revolution, one that has veered away from the glitz and glamour usually reserved for the rich and famous.  He has disappointed the socialite members of the political world as well as artists who dress them up in Hollywood-style fashion by canceling the traditional red carpet that has been the distracting hallmark of the presidential State of the Nation Address (SONA).

On a personal level, he has started  what can be described as a rebellious fashion trend that has all but demolished the very concept of formal and executive wear.

On this photo spread, Duterte shows off his comfy version of the traditional formal wear for men — the barong tagalog.  Many have called it the maong tagalog, consisting of the traditional barong, albeit with rolled up sleeves and the shirt unbuttoned at the neck, matched with denim pants and broen shoes. In the other photo, he sports a short-sleeve shirt with sockless shoes. Finally he is also seen in his signature checkered polo shirt.

Will the rest of his cabinet and other elected officials follow suit?





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