It’s Official: Donald Trump Quits!

Trump: “I’m done, I quit!”

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – No presidential candidate of a U.S. major party has ever died or withdrawn before a presidential election and no President-elect has ever died or withdrawn after winning the general election, but before taking office.

However, one vice-presidential candidate died after he was nominated but before the general election (James Sherman, Republican, 1912), and another dropped off his party’s ticket (Thomas Eagleton, Democrat, 1972).

In recent days, rumors have been floating around that the Republican National Committee is scrambling to try  to find a replacement in case its presidential nominee Donald Trump quits the race before election day.

Today, Trump made it official.  He’s quitting!

His campaign said that the GOP candidate is quitting trying to be presidential, and is done being nice and politically correct.

To date, he has attacked Mexicans, Muslims, immigrants, the Chinese, NATO,  members of his own political party, women, the disabled, journalists, mothers of fallen American soldiers, even crying babies.

Trump told The Adobo Chronicles, “Believe me, everyone is fair game to me from here on, so you’d better watch out!”



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