Global Warming: Thousands Flock To Kentucky’s Noah’s Ark, Refuse To Leave

imageWILLIAMSTOWN, Kentucky – Christians all over the world know the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, built by a man who receivecd an apocalypatic warning from God about a massive flood.

Today, in Williamstown, Kentucky, a 510-foot-long (155 metre-long) wooden model of the ark is attracting thousands of curious tourists who are treated to a unique experience of what it may have looked like inside the biblical ark — complete with animal displays mimicking the famous story in the bible.

Answers in Genesis, the ministry that built the ark, said the ship’s dimensions are based on those described in the bible — 85ft (26m) wide and 51ft (15m) high.

The new attraction charges an average of $40 for a one-time admission.

But there is a big problem.

Many museum-goers, once inside the ark, are refusing to leave.  They told The Adobo Chronicles that they believe another big flood is coming and that the only way they can be spared from this Armageddon is to stay inside the ark. They said that global warming is reponsible for this impending deluge.




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