Manila’s NAIA Will Be Renamed ‘NoyNoy Aquino International Airport’

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MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Many Filipinos are clamoring to change back the name of the Philippines’ premiere airport from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to Manila International Airport (MIA), especially after the recent change in administration from President Aquino to Rodrigo Duterte.

Alas, the Duterte administration has decided not to change the airport’s name to MIA.

Instead, the name NAIA will remain the same, only that it will stand for NoyNoy Aquino International Airport in honor of the immediate past president.

Presidential spokesperson Martin Andanar told The Adobo Chronicles that Duterte strongly believes that it is important to preserve the legacy of the previous administration as far as NAIA was concerned.

During the (NoyNoy) Aquino administration, NAIA achieved and maintained the reputation as the world’s worst airport, an honor that has put the Philippines on the world map, thanks to the laglag bala scheme (planted bullets in passengers’ luggage), collapsing ceiling, flooding, breakdown in airconditioning, brownouts, among others.

“We should give credit where credit is due,” Duterte said, “so I have directed the Manila International Airport Authority to immediately implement my directive to rename NAIA to NoyNoy Aquino International Airport.”

The good thing is, pilots and tower control personnel do not need to change the airport code when communicating with each other.  It will remain as ‘NAIA.’



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