2016 Republican Party Platform Sets Minimum Age To Own A Cell Phone

(Photo credit: mobilesyrup.com)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – In America, you have to be 18 years old to drive a vehicle, vote in an election, or legally purchase cigarettes; and 21 to be able to enter and drink in a bar.

Now, the Republican Party wants to set a minimum age in order to be able to own a cell phone.

In its newly-released 2016 party platform, the GOP has set the tone to “make America great again,” by ensuring that the country’s future generations grow up socially and mentally sound without intereference from modern technology.

Under the proposal, it would be illegal for a young man or woman below the age of 16 to own or use a cell phone. Any one caught violating the law would be fined $699 for the first offense and $999 plus 1 year behind bars for the succeeding offense.

The proposal also imposes fine and prison time for the kids’ parents and guardians who willingly purchase the cell phones for the underaged.

The proposal, authored by Senator Ted Cruz, passed unanimously despite strong opposition from cell phone makers in the Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia.

The entire party platform is expected to be approved at the Republican National Convention on July 18 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Upon passage of the new law, underaged kids have up to 60 days to sell their phones on eBay or to voluntarily recycle them.





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