Musical Chairs Between Marcos And Aquino Families

image.jpegHONOLULU, Hawaii (The Adobo Chronicles, Honolulu Bureau) – Two prominent Filipino families are constantly playing musical chairs, with a family  gaining the remaining seat one day,  only to be dislodged by the other the next.

We’re talking about the Marcos and Aquino families.

During the height of the Marcos dictatorship, the Aquinos were in exile in Boston, while the Marcoses were later deposed and forced to take up residence in Honolulu as a result of the famous EDSA People Power Revolution.

Since then both families continued to occupy influencial seats in government.

Cory Aquino became president. The Marcoses later returned and were elected to positions in the House of Representatives (Imelda Marcos), Ilocos Norte Governor’s Office (Imee Marcos) and the Senate (Bongbong Marcos). 

When Cory died, son NoyNoy Aquino became president, and the game of musical chairs continued. (An Aquino, Bam, also currently sits as a senator)

As Noynoy prepared to leave office and his anointed successor lost in the elections, Bongbong failed to clinch the seat as vice president.

While the Marcoses continue to seek a return to Malacañang (the presidential palace), the Aquinos are rumored to be exploring Hawaii as a place of exile, possibly in the same Makiki Heights residence previously occupied by the Marcoses. Does this explain Kris Aquino’s recent trips to Honolulu?

It is no secret that NoyNoy could face criminal charges for illegally using public funds once he is no longer covered by presidential immunity, and Kris is reportedly very nervous that she could face charges for violation of the country’s election code (for using the presidential chopper in campaigning for the administration’s candidate Mar Roxas). So a life of exile is a logical way out, which is not so bad considering one in a place like paradise.

It remains to be seen which family will gain the remaining musical chair in this never-ending merry-go-round. But it seems it’s not up to either family, but rather to the Filipinos who keep voting them in.





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