Conservative Author Ann Coulter Receives Boxes And Boxes Of Rotten Mandarin Oranges

imageNEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – During a live television discussion on undocumented immigrants, conservative author Ann Coulter referred to Asian Americans as “Mandarin.”

Her fellow panelist on the Chris Matthews show corrected her and said they are called “Asian Americans,” but Coulter insisted it was the correct term and refused to be policed for her language.

Well, Coulter learned a lesson she will never forget.

When she returned to her home after the TV interview, she found boxes and boxes of rotten Mandarin oranges waiting for her at her doorstep, and more boxes are reportedly on the way.

She told The Adobo Chronicles, “I’m sure these oranges were sent in by Asian Americans upset by what I said on TV.”

See? Even old dogs can learn new tricks. “Asian Americans,” Ann, “Asian Americans.”



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