President Aquino Declares Leni Robredo ‘Persona Non Grata’

VP-Elect Robredo, third from left (Screen capture)

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It was supposed to be a day of immense celebration as the Joint Session of the Senate and House of Representatives prepared to proclaim Rodrigo Duterte and Leni Robredo as the duly elected president and vice president of the Philippines in the May 9 elections.

But the occasion was marred by a very strong statement by President NoyNoy Aquino who declared Robredo as a ‘persona non grata.’

Congresswoman Robredo was the Liberal Party’s (LP) candidate for the office of the vice president. She ran in tandem with Aquino’s anointed successor Mar Roxas who lost the presidential contest to Davao City Mayor Duterte.

Aquino’s declaration resulted from Robredo’s attire during the proclamation proceedings. Instead of the trademark yellow color, the VP-elect wore a black and beige-colored dress. “It’s  in total disregard for the administration and the LP’s  symbol,” Aquino said.

The outgoing president was visibly upset at the sight of Robredo’s dress, saying it was ungrateful for the VP-elect to do wear it, especially after the Aquino administration and the Yellow Party spent so much time and resources to help the Congresswoman’s electoral campaign.

The ever-gracious Robredo, after hearing of Aquino’s statement, said she was sorry to have upset the president but noted that she is now the newly-elected VP of the country and not just of the Liberal Party.



3 thoughts on “President Aquino Declares Leni Robredo ‘Persona Non Grata’”

  1. The Adobo chronicles should just write articles on the different ways of cooking adobo. Maybe they might get it right. Anything else is an insult to the intelligence of the Filipino people.


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