imageStockholm, Sweden (The Adobo Chronicles) – Ron Klain, President Obama’s Ebola Czar, has been nominated to receive next year’s Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine.

The announcement came in Stockholm just minutes after the United States has been officially declared ‘Ebola-free.’

In the last three months, about 1,000 people were being monitored by health officials for possible exposure to the deadly virus. Several schools in Texas and Ohio shut down because of a single patient who boarded a plane. A cruise ship was refused permission to dock in Cozumel, off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The governors of New York and New Jersey sought to quarantine incoming airport passengers suspected of carrying the virus. Polls showed a majority of Americans were concerned that Ebola would spread out of control in the U.S., thanks to the scare-mongering politicians and the ratings-hungry media.

On Tuesday, a fully recovered Dr. Craig Spencer, the last remaining U.S. person being treated and monitored for Ebola, was released from Bellevue Hospital Center in Manhattan.

The U.S. is now Ebola-free, and much of the credit goes to Klain for his outstanding work as Ebola czar.  While no one knows exactly what he did to eradicate Ebola in the U.S., he is nevertheless being honored by this Nobel Prize nomination.

“No single individual anywhere in the world has so effectively wiped out a pandemic in just a few months,” President Obama said, “but Klain did it.”

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