San Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Yesterday, The Adobo Chronicles reported that the newly-opened Mexican restaurant in the Castro changed its name from Bandidos to Hecho.

The name change came after a small group of Latino Americans headed by openly-gay Latina comedian Marga Gómez protested the name Bandidos which they said was offensive to Mexican Americans. It is a Spanish word for “criminal” or “outlaw.”

Well, the name change didn’t put an end to the controversy. Now a group of Filipino Americans living and working in the Castro is protesting the new name. In Tagalog slang, the plural of Hecho sounds too close to  a Filipino term, echos, which means “lie.”  When someone is called echosero or echosera, it means he or she is a liar.

“We are thrilled that a new Mexican restaurant has opened in the Castro,”  the group said, “especially because Mexican cuisine is similar in many ways to Filipino food. But to name the restaurant  Hecho is offensive to us, Pinoys (slang for Filipino).

The group is headed by openly-gay Filipino American actor and comedian Alec Mapa, a San Francisco native. It is scheduled to meet with Hecho’s owners early next week.

Will Bandidos, a.k.a. Hecho change its name yet again?  How about just “The Mexican Restaurant?”



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