cantor-1a_1317760740Richmond, Virginia (The Adobo Chronicles) – It was the most devastating primary loss and upset in recent memory when Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost the election primary in the 7th District of Virginia to Tea Party-backed candidate David Brat.  The news sent shock waves to the nation’s capital as well as to Republicans all over the country.

This morning, in a desperate attempt to save his political career, Cantor asked the Virginia State Board of Elections to nullify the primary results in which he lost the contest to Brat by about 36,000 votes. In filing his petition, Cantor said that last night’s election results do not truly reflect the will of the people, citing that in 2012, he won the general election with more than 220,000 votes.

“I do not believe that the vast majority of Republicans in my district dislike me,” Cantor said. “The numbers merely show that many Republican voters stayed home and failed to vote in the primary elections,” he claimed.

In his petition, Cantor asked the Board of Elections to conduct a new primary election requiring all Republican registered voters to cast their ballot. “Only then will we truly see the will of the majority of Virginia voters,” he said.  He also suggested that the Board reconsider Brat’s candidacy since the Tea Party is not really an official political party.  “Any political party should first register as such before being allowed to field a candidate in an election,” the visibly upset Cantor concluded.


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