imageHollywood, California – Just weeks after his triumphant half-time show performance at this year’s Super Bowl, tragedy has struck Filipino American pop sensation Bruno Mars. He has all but lost his voice, prompting him to cancel his concert tour at least for the next six months and pending his further prognosis.

It all happened this week when Mars was a guest in the  Ellen (Degeneres) show. While waiting in his dressing room for his cue to come on the show, Mars suddenly felt the urge to munch on some pringles set on the snack table in the room. After having a few pieces of the potato chips, he felt a painful lump in his throat. He immediately drank a can of cold pepsi to try to get rid of the lump, but to no avail.

A television studio nurse was called in to examine Mars, but nothing could be done to alleviate the pain he was experiencing. Mars was then transported to a nearby hospital where a team of doctors successfully removed the chips caught in his voice box.  But alas, it was too late. Mars had lost his voice. image13.jpg

Doctors said that while the loss of voice is temporary, it would take at least six months of rehabilitation and voice therapy to get the singer fully back in shape.

(Ellen Degeneres contributed to this report)

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