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A full-page China news supplement in this week’s The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – In The Philippine Star (TPS), one of the leading national dailies, a full page is devoted to China, the People’s Republic of China — the same China that is engaged in a tense territorial dispute with the Philippines over islands in the South China Sea.

TPS describes the page as “weekly updates and other relevant information on the People’s Republic of China.”

Apparently, Freedom of Information abounds in the Philippines, except when it comes to government information.  Congress has yet to pass a Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill.

The China page on TPS is obviously funded by the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines.

But why, you might ask, does China need weekly news updates in the Philippines?  And why would TPS publish such a supplement other than for the adverstising revenue? Would The New York Times  or  Washington Post publish a similar weekly supplement funded by the North Korean Government or Iraq?

Some political observers are saying that this could be a ‘dress rehearsal’ for when China eventually takes over not just the disputed Spratly Islands, but perhaps the entire Philippines.

Of course, that’s just conjecture, but we’ve seen too many speculations come to fruition.