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Philippines: Starbucks To Serve San Miguel Beer And Sisig After 5 P.M.

imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Five Starbucks locations in Washington, D.C.  began serving wine, beer and other small plates Tuesday afternoon. It is part of the Seattle-based coffee company’s strategy to increase sagging revenue by trying to capture the happy hour adult crowd.

Not to be outdone, Starbucks Philippines has announced that effective this Friday, its locations across the country will start serving San Miguel Beer, along with a Filipino favorite appetizer, sisigThe new menu will be available every day after 5 p.m.

As part of its initial promotional period, Starbucks will serve complimentary sisig for every bucket of San Mig Light purchased by customers.

Customers under the age of 21 will not be allowed to purchase beer, but senior citizens will be entitled to the usual 20% off.




Starbucks Will Donate All Of Its Leftover Coffee To America’s Needy

Starbucks moving on down the roadSEATTLE, Washington (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Coffee giant Starbucks today announced an unprecedented move to help feed America’s hungry population.

The Seattle-based company is parterning with the Food Donation Connection and Feeding America in a program known as FoodShare that will allow the company to donate all of its leftover brewed coffee to food banks. With this program, FDC and Feeding America will pick up the coffee at 7,600 Starbucks-operated U.S. locations redistribute it.

Other coffee companies like Peet’s and Seattle’s Best are expected to follow suit.

It’s American corporate responsibility at its best!


Starbucks cups: old, left, and new
Starbucks cups: old, left, and new

SEATTLE, Washington (The Adobo Chronicles) – Good publicity or bad publicity is still publicity. And publicity is good for business.

There has been a lot of controversy and social media debate over Starbuck’s decision to redesign their Christmas (okay, okay, ‘Holiday’) cups to just plain red without the usual holiday-themed designs of previous years.

Many individuals were offended by the new design, accusing Starbucks of taking “Christ” away from “Christmas.”

Well, it now appears that the complainants are stockholders of Starbucks who wanted to boost the coffee company’s holiday season business.  In recent years, Starbucks has come under serious competition from other coffee companies, resulting in the decline of its stock value.

The complainants were hoping that by “creating” a controversy, coffee lovers would empathize with Starbucks and bring their business to the Seattle-based company.

The Adobo Chronicles  could not independently confirm the identity of the Starbucks stockholders who masterminded this red cup controversy. We’re working on it.