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The updated People magazine cover for the 'Sexiest Men Alive' issue
The updated People magazine cover for the ‘Sexiest Men Alive’ issue

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles) – In less than 24 hours after revealing its choice for 2015 ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’  People magazine revised its verdict and made it a three-way tie.

Earlier, People named former soccer star David Beckham to this year’s much-coveted title.  But as the magazine cover featuring the 40-year-old global superstar was about to go to print, two international celebrities, both heads of state, caught the eyes of the editors: Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Nieto, 49, and Trudeau, 43, were seen Wednesday night in Manila where they are attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit meeting, garbed in barong tagalog, the traditional formal attire for Filipino men. The two leaders became an instant sensation, with the media and Manila’s fashion afficionados commenting that they wore the barong much better than Philippine President Aquino himself.

The barong brought out the sexiness and youthful look in them, many commented.

People’s editors agreed and so they revised their decision and opted to name all three — Beckham, Nieto and Trudeau — as this year’s sexiest men alive.

Meanwhile, barong designers and vendors in the Philippines reported a sharp increase in orders for the male attire — from Paris to Hollywood and from Beijing to Sydney. The barong business may have been the one Philippine economic endeavor to benefit from the APEC meeting, thanks to the sexy duo from Mexico and Canada.



imageSan Francisco, California – People Magazine has reportedly narrowed down to 2  its top picks to grace its much-awaited November issue on the 2013 “Sexiest Man Alive.”  Thanks to audio tapes released by an anonymous summer intern at the National Security Administration, the magazine’s choices reached the news desk of The Adobo Chronicles this morning. Many will recall that the NSA had admitted monitoring phone calls of journalists, and that included conversations among the top editors of People.  Our sources revealed that the editors are really having a hard time deciding on its No. 1 pick.

imageFor the first time in the history of the annual special issue, the top contenders are a Brit and a Pinoy (slang for Filipino).

Who will it be? Prince Harry of Britain’s Royal Family or Dennis Trillo, the most talked-about television actor in the Philippines today.

Harry, 28, is best remembered for his Las Vegas hotel video in August of 2012, prancing around naked with some ladies he had invited to his hotel room.  That incident reportedly generated billions of dollars in free publicity for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, but it also killed the popular notion that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  Dennis, 32, considered by the elite Filipino American gay community in the San Francisco Bay Area, as the most beautiful face on Philippine television today,  plays a gay character in the much-talked about television series, “My Husband’s Lover.”  This is a highly-controversial show which the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines had tried many times, but failed, to stop airing.  Dennis plays the lover of a closeted gay man who is married with two kids.

People’s editors are reportedly considering putting their dilemma to a popular world-wide Internet vote.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth, taking a tea break from a Royal birth watch at a London hospital – where Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their firstborn — told reporters that if Dennis Trillo wins over her grandson, she will graciously confer honorary knighthood to the Filipino actor.