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Philippines: Aquino-Marcos Rivalry Turns Hairy

Aquino, left, and Marcos

RANCHO MIRAGE, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – The  decades-old political rivalry between the Aquinos and the Marcoses has turned personal. And hairy.

In a recent media interview while attending the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) summit hosted by President Barack Obama at Sunnyland in Rancho Mirage, Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino took a swipe at Vice presidential candidate and Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., saying that the 58-year-old namesake of the late dictator dyes his grey hair.

Aquino’s thinning hair has also been the subject of  ridicule in his home country, earning him the nickname panot, Tagalog word for balding.

Marcos was gracious in his response, thanking the president for noticing his hair in spite if the many serious problems the country faces.

The senator did admit he dyes his hair to avoid getting in deep trouble with the women in his life — his wife and, of course his mother  Imelda. “They don’t want me to look old,” he said.



imageManila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – The rumor mill in Manila has started to rock and roll, thanks to allegations that the Aquino government has lobbied for the Philippine president’s nomination for the prestigious 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.  Naturally, the presidential palace went into full gear: deny, deny, deny.

Among previous Nobel Prize winners were Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi and of course, Barack Obama. According to sources, Aquino is being nominated for his consistent policy of rhetoric over the use of force – military and otherwise – in dealing with the country’s territorial dispute with China, the Muslim rebel movement, the pork barrel scandal, and yes, even his decision on naming National Artists.

The Adobo Chronicles can now confirm that indeed, Aquino will NOT be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year. The reason? His staff were late in submitting his nomination which was due on January 31.

According to the Nobel Prize rules:

“Nomination forms are sent by the Nobel Committee to about 3,000 individuals, usually in September the year before the prizes are awarded. These individuals are often academics working in a relevant area. For the Peace Prize, inquiries are sent to governments, members of international courts, professors and rectors, former Peace Prize laureates and current or former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. The deadline for the return of the nomination forms is 31 January of the year of the award.”

So blame it on Filipino time. Or, maybe, Aquino’s staff were too busy preparing statements and press releases denying every single allegation or criticism lodged at the president.

Till next year.



imageManila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Just as more than 20 million students trekked to public schools nationwide for the beginning of the schoolyear, the Aquino administration announced it was releasing One Billion pesos for the repair of schoolbuildings damaged by last year’s powerful typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

Many of the students will be returning to schools without roofs, without desks and chairs, and in many cases without walls. Some will be packed into small rooms like sardines and others will have to squat under trees in the open to receive academic instruction.

A familiar sight millions of students will be returning to this new schoolyear in the Philippines
A familiar sight millions of students will be returning to this new schoolyear in the Philippines

School administrators, teachers, parents and students immediateky criticized President Aquino for the much-delayed release of funds, coming more than six months after the devastating typhoon, and not in time for the beginning of the new schoolyear.

Aquino, known for consistenty blaming anyone and everyone for missteps, failures and inefficiencies of his administration, defended himself against critics by saying that someone messed with his desk calendar in his office in Malacañang (Philippine presidential palace).

A palace spokesperson said that Aquino’s desk calendar showed that it was only January 2, not June 2, when he authorized the release of funds. So to Aquino’s mind, there were at least five months remaining before the new schoolyear, leaving enough time for the repairs and construction to be made.

Malacañang has ordered an investigation on who was responsible for altering the president’s desk calendar.