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Mandaluyong, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – It shocked the entire nation this week when government officials led by Philippines Justice Secretary Leila de Lima raided what we now know as VIP (Very Important Prisoner) jail cells at the National Penitentiary (New Bilibid Prison).

As reported earlier by The Adobo Chronicles, the raid discovered luxury jail cells occupied by some 19 convicted felons.  The cells included saunas, jacuzzis, sleep number beds, carpeting, airconditioning, disco lights, high-end electronics, even a life-sized inflatable sex toy. Also discovered were a stash of cash, jewelry and illegal drugs.

There’s more. One of the VIP cells had a recording studio, complete with a stage and equipment for recording music videos.

Enter Herbert Colangco, the inmate occupying the jail cell with the recording studio. He is serving jail sentence for bank robbery. It appears that he has, in fact, recorded a music video inside the VIP jail cell  — an original Tagalog song, Pa’no Yon. And boy, isn’t he good!

The music video recording had earlier been uploaded to YouTube, but few ever noticed or viewed it. But now that the VIP jail cells are in the headlines, the music video has resurfaced and in just 24 hours has become the No. 1 hit in the country. Many Filipino recording artists are very nervous and recording studios are competing to sign him up for recording contracts.

Television host and presidential sister Kris Aquino is desperately trying to book an exclusive interview with Colangco.  She needs the interview to help boost her show’s sagging rating.


photoHollywood, California – The 44-year-old Jennifer Lopez premiered her new music video during Thursday’s American Idol.  The clip features throwbacks of the diva’s most famous looks, including her On the 6 album artwork and the infamous Versace dress she wore to the Grammys in 2000.

The video begins with Lopez and her two girlfriends discussing with the director how the video should be filmed, and where.  Suggestions ranged from a carnival to a waterpark, with half-naked ladies.  Lopez and her pals exclaimed almost in unison: “Why do men always objectify women in every single video? Why can’t we for once be the objectifiers?”

And so the rest is history.

The final video features Lopez playing around with a litter of naked  puppies loaned to the film crew by an unnamed dog breeder in Hollywood.

Soon after it aired, the music video shot up to No. 1 in the video music charts.  The song’s title is “I Luh Ya Papi.”