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Madonna takes a spill at the last BRIT Awards (screen shot)
Madonna takes a spill at the last BRIT Awards (screen shot)

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles) – There is only one Madonna and she is retiring on August 16 this year, when she reaches the age of 57.

The diva hinted on her retirement shortly after she launched her latest album, Rebel Heart, which has taken an early lead in the race for this week’s Number 1 album.

If its momentum continues, Rebel Heart will be Madonna’s 12 UK Number 1 album following Like A Virgin (1984), True Blue (1986), Like A Prayer (1989), The Immaculate Collection (1990), Ray Of Light (1998), Music (2000), American Life (2003), Confessions On A Dance Floor (2005), Hard Candy (2008), Celebration (2009) and MDNA (2012).

“I want to retire in grace while I’m on top of the music world,” Madonna said. “I’m not sure that I will have the same staying power as Cher (who is 68).”

“I may no longer be able to successfully pull acrobatic stunts during my concerts and performances,” she said, obviously referring to the last BRIT Awards in which she took a serious spill while performing on-stage.

Many had questioned whether the singer could remain relevant at a time when the music industry is packed with younger female artists like Katy Perry, 30;  Lady Gaga, 28; Taylor Swift, 25; Ariana Grande, 20; Dionne Bromfield, 17; and  Lorde, 16.

As to who she thinks will be the “new” Madonna,” she said, “I already publicly anointed my successor — Kanye West.  As I’ve said, he is the new Madonna — the black Madonna.”

As a music legend retires, will we see the rise of a new one in Kanye West?



photoHollywood, California – The 44-year-old Jennifer Lopez premiered her new music video during Thursday’s American Idol.  The clip features throwbacks of the diva’s most famous looks, including her On the 6 album artwork and the infamous Versace dress she wore to the Grammys in 2000.

The video begins with Lopez and her two girlfriends discussing with the director how the video should be filmed, and where.  Suggestions ranged from a carnival to a waterpark, with half-naked ladies.  Lopez and her pals exclaimed almost in unison: “Why do men always objectify women in every single video? Why can’t we for once be the objectifiers?”

And so the rest is history.

The final video features Lopez playing around with a litter of naked  puppies loaned to the film crew by an unnamed dog breeder in Hollywood.

Soon after it aired, the music video shot up to No. 1 in the video music charts.  The song’s title is “I Luh Ya Papi.”