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Philippines: Temporary Vehicle License Plates Issued To Solve Shortage

LTO temporary plate (Photo credit: Martin T. Aguda, Jr.)
LTO temporary plate (Photo credit: Martin T. Aguda, Jr.)

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – First, the Philippines’ Bureau of Customs embargoed some 600,000 imported vehicle license plates  because the private consignee has failed to pay about P40 Million in duties and taxes.  Then, some P4 Million worth of license plate materials had been reported stolen from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) facilities. Is it any wonder that motorists who have paid for their vehicle license plates have ended up with nothing?

To remedy the worsening license plate situation, LTO chief Roberto Cabrera ordered the issuance of temporary plates to motorists who have earlier made the required payments.

By issuing the order, Cabrera hopes to appease the anger and frustration of thousands of Filipino vehicle owners.  To show good faith and remorse over the unfortunate situation, Cabrera said that the temporary plates have no expiry dates, and hence can be used in perpetuity.

Motorists who have yet to receive the plates they have already paid for are advised to go to their nearest  local LTO to claim their temporary plates.

The plates come in different colors and are made of unbreakable plastic.




Folsom Street Fair, left, and Carmen Carrera, right
Folsom Street Fair, left, and transgender reality TV personality Carmen Carrera, right

MOSCOW, Russia (The Adobo Chronicles) – Beginning this year, the state of California started issuing driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.  In Russia, the government started taking driver’s licenses away from transsexual and transgender motorists.

The Moscow government believes that transsexual and transgender people have mental disorders and should not be allowed to drive because they cause too many accidents.

In addition, Fetishism, exhibitionism and voyeurism are also included as “mental disorders” now barring people from driving.

In San Francisco, members of the transgender community, the leather community, BDSMs, exhibitionists, voyeurs and others who identify with certain fetishes — in short, those who attend the annual Folsom Street Fair — have vowed to boycott travel to Russia and promised to refrain from buying goods and services that have the Russian label on them.

This is not the first Russian boycott in San Francisco.  In 2013, when the Putin Government made “promoting non-traditional lifestyles” illegal, many gay bars in San Francisco and elsewhere boycotted Russian vodka.  That boycott quickly fizzled out mostly because the boycotted vodka that is sold in the West, Stoli, is made in Latvia, not Russia.

Mikhail Strakhov, a Russian psychiatric expert, told the BBC that the definition of “mental disorders” was too vague and some disorders would not affect a person’s ability to drive a car safely.

However, a Putin spokesperson said that transsexuals and transgenders cannot concentrate on their driving because their eyes are constantly wandering, looking out for cute Russian guys or gals on the road.  He added that exhibitionists can distract other drivers, while those with fetishes are always dreaming about their previous or next encounters. “The roads are just not safe if we allow these people to drive cars,” the spokesperson said.


t1larg.bikingSacramento, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a new law requiring motorists to keep a buffer of three feet (1 yard) from bicyclists when passing by or slowing down.  Drivers will have to maintain the space to avoid getting fined for a violation.

The California Legislature  passed the Three Feet for Safety Act which became effective as of Tuesday, Sept. 16, in the State of California and has been passed in a bid to keep cyclists safe. Statistics reveal that over 150 cyclists were killed in the state in 2012.

A fine print in the new law also requires all motorists to carry with them a tape measure or a yardstick at all times so that they can accurately measure the required buffer between their cars and the cyclists.

A San Francisco motorist complained that with the high cost of car maintenance, insurance and gasoline, the tape measure or yardstick requirement is yet another expense that will cause a burden to motorists.  “I am seriously considering selling my car and just take public transportation,” he said. “I just want to first be assured that MUNI and BART will always run on schedule because I cannot afford to be late for work.”