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imageSilicon Valley, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – It’s that time of year when The Adobo Chronicles names its “Person of the Year.”  Last year, we named actor Jackie Chan our person of the year for having survived persistent  news that he had passed away.  Talk about nine lives.

This year, the publisher and editors of The Adobo Chronicles had a fairly easy job of choosing the winner: Philippine Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas.

The “Person of the Year” is awarded to the individual or group that has made the most impact on national and international news.  We couldn’t have chosen any other person who has been in the  news as much as Roxas has.

During the aftermath of the worst typhoon to hit the Philippines, Roxas was seen in ground zero overseeing relief operations and giving aid to residents except those who were loyal to his and President Aquino’s political nemesis, the Romualdezes. When there was a shortage of garlic in the Philippines, he was seen carrying a sack of garlic on his shoulder.  When there was rumor about a rice shortage, he was seen  carrying a sack of goverment rice on his shoulder.  When Metro Manila experienced the worst traffic nightmare ever, he was seen directing traffic in one of Manila’s most congested street intersections.  When Metro Manila’s light railway system (MRT) was the subject of intense criticism for its overcrowding, inefficiency and mismagement, Roxas was seen riding the train on non-commute hours.

We couldn’t think of a better person deserving of the Person of the Year title.  It was a great 2014 for Mar Roxas and the Philippines.

And Roxas could just well be the next president of the Philippines! It comes with a bonus: controversial television news anchor Korina Sanchez will be First Lady.


cha-chaManila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Not since the Macarena craze in 1996 has a dance form made a big splash in the Philippines. It’s a big come back never before seen on the dance floor.

Cha cha is, of course, a dance that first became popular in the 1950s. It is derived from two other dances, the Latin Mambo and the Swing. It is a favorite category in ballroom dancing as well as in the popular American reality television show, “Dancing With The Stars.”

In recent weeks, Filipinos — baby boomers and millennials alike — have been packing dance studios and night clubs to practice or showcase their ‘1-2-3-4 and 1’ steps, and DJs are dusting their old  vinyl records to replace their hip hop CDs.

Many believe that the big come back was prompted by recent clamor from supporters of President NoyNoy Aquino for him to run for a second term.  The constitution limits the presidential term to six years, without the possibility of re-election.  Aquino’s term ends in 2016.  His allies in Congress have suggested a constitutional convention to amend the fundamental law of the land and allow for a second term for the president.  In the Philippines, a constitutional convention is more popularly know as “Cha Cha.”

Aquino’s Interior Minister Mar Roxas is leading the clamor to convene a new Cha Cha to allow the President to stay in power.  Ironically, Roxas, in 2008, was a harsh critic of then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who wanted to convene a Cha Cha to allow her to run for another term.

In the beginning, Aquino had said that a Cha Cha just to extend his current term is out of the question, but he is now warming up to the idea as he faces the remaining year and a half of his residence at the presidential palace. “I’ve come to enjoy living here,” he told reporters. “I wouldn’t mind another six years or more.”



Aquino, left and Roxas, right
Aquino, left and Roxas, right

Manila, Philippines – One hundred million Filipinos woke up today to find that their president, Noynoy Aquino has been demoted to police chief of Metro Manila. His Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas was also demoted to deputy police chief.

The good news is, both seem to be fit for, and doing great in their new jobs.

Less than 24 hours after their demotion, both gentlemen were busy at work, responding to a jewelry  robbery at a store inside SM, a popular shopping mall.

Aquino went to the SM North Edsa Mall in Quezon City, more than two hours after members of the notorious Martilyo gang tried to rob a jewelry store. After 15 minutes of conferring with police officials and surveying the crime scene, he left the site just as Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas arrived.

Roxas did not, however, linger long to allow Quezon City police investigators to conduct a probe on the robbery.

Aquino and Roxas received praise for being efficient first responders to the crime.