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Poe, left, and Binay
Poe, left, and Binay

MAKATI CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles®) – In a move that shocked both his critics and supporters, Vice President Jejomar Binay today announced that he was withdrawing from the 2016 Philippine presidential race.

Until recently, Binay was the only declared candidate to succeed President NoyNoy Aquino whose six-year-term expires in 2016. The vice president had consistently held the lead in all polls among all likely presidential candidates. Until this week.

The most recent polls now show that Senator Grace Poe has overtaken Binay’s lead.

Embarrassed that a woman and neophyte in politics has displaced him from the lead, Binay said that he is no longer interested in becoming president.  Instead, he announced that he would be seeking reelection as mayor of Makati City when the current term of his son, JunJun, expires.

“It would be a great honor on my part to once again become the chief executive of the richest city in the country. I know I can easily win a reelection because my family has practically established itself as the unbeatable political dynasty in Makati.”

The vice president is a former mayor of Makati and so was his wife, Elenita.

Critics, however, are speculating that once he becomes mayor again, he will secede from the Philippines and declare Makati as an independent Republic.

Talk about not just ‘wall street ‘ but ‘walled country.’


Junjun Binay, left, and Nancy Binay  (Photo credit: Inquirer.net)
Junjun Binay, left, and Nancy Binay (Photo credit: Inquirer.net)

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – It’s a clear case of big sister trying to protect little brother.

We’ve all heard about house arrest and hospital arrest. Both are forms of incaceration in lieu of jail, mostly accorded to political prisoners.  Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo comes to mind. She continues to be under hospital arrest for corruption charges.

Now, Senator Nancy Binay has proposed legislation that would institute office arrest for politicians like her brother, Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay.

The younger Binay has camped out (or in) for the third  straight day since the Office of the Ombudsman issued a suspension order against him. The order was issued over alleged overpricing in the controversial Makati City Hall Building II.

The mayor is questioning the six-month suspension order and has been holing up at city hall since Wednesday. He has said the order from the Office of the Ombudsman — a Constitutional body independent of Malacañang — is motivated by politics. He could face contempt charges if he continues to defy the orde of the Ombudsman.

Binay’s supporters have been staying outside the city hall since the suspension order was issued and have been given free take-out dinners.

In proposing the new legislation, Nancy Binay admitted it was in anticipation of her brother’s eventual arrest.

“My brother has been put into office by the people of Makati, so he has the obligation to continue to perform his duties as mayor, regardless of what the Ombudsman says,” the junior senator told reporters. “Office arrest is the most appropriate form of incarceration for Junjun,” she added.

Informed sources told The Adobo Chronicles that the Binays’ father, Vice President Jejomar Binay, has offered to pay for the construction of an annex to the Makati City Mayor’s office that would include a bedroom, kitchen and a jacuzzi in order to make his son’s offfice arrest more comfortable.


imageMakati City, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – It hasn’t been quite 48 hours since Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but already, thousands of Filipinos are lining up to be among the first to own this state-of-the-art mobile phone.

Online orders won’t commence until one minute past midnight on Friday, September 12 while Apple stores won’t strart selling the new phones until September 19.

Two authorized Apple dealers along Ayala Avenue in Makati City have announced that they will have the new phones in stock by September 20. Incidentally, Makati City has recently been named ‘Selfie Capital of the World,’ a title that Filipinos take great pride in.

As of six o’clock this morning, Filipinos have lined up, four-person deep, outside the Apple stores. The lines have extended for miles and miles, all the way to the MRT (Metro Manila’s light railway system) station in Quezon City. To get to the Apple stores in Makati from Quezon City, commuters have to take the MRT train at the Northernmost EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue) station in Quezon City. It’s about 13 kilometers or approximately 8 miles, not including the distance between the Makati EDSA MRT station and the Apple Stores on Ayala Avenue.

The people lining up to buy the new iPhones have only tripled the already long lines of daily commuters trying to get to work or school via the MRT.

It’s really more fun in the Philippines.