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Hillary Clinton Is First Woman Ever To Win Iowa Caucus, Also First Woman Defeated

imageDES MOINES, Iowa (The Adobo Chronicles) – Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the first woman ever to win the Iowa Caucus, her razor edge-thin margin over Senator Bernie Sanders nothwithstanding.

Of course, the Clinton campaign and the liberal news media can spin Tuesday’s Iowa Caucus results every which way, buy history was truly and accurately made when she won over Sanders.

This is the second significant political campaign record achieved by Clinton.

In 2008, she became the first woman to be defeated by a black man in the Iowa Caucus!


Donald Trump Blames Sarah Palin For His Second-place Finish In Iowa Caucuses


Palin at a Trump rally in Iowa
Palin at a Trump rally in Iowa

CONCORD, New Hamphire (The Adobo Chronicles) – GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was so confident he would win the Iowa caucuses Monday, but final results showed him trailing Ted Cruz and almost in a statistical tie with Marco Rubio.

Trump hasn’t been heard of since Monday.  For the first time in many months, he has not reared his ugly head on television and his social media accounts suddently went silent.

Until today.

In his first public statement since losing to Cruz, Trump said that Sarah Palin’s endorsement cost him the votes in Iowa.

It will be recalled that Palin recently publicly endorsed Trump in an Alaskan-style, blabbering speech which made little sense to the smart Iowan voters.

Asked by The Adobo Chronicles what he could have done differently to win the Iowa caucuses, he said, “I should have asked Palin to shut up . In hindsight, I really didn’t need her endorsement.  It hurt my campaign.”


imageDES MOINES, Iowa  (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – The state of Iowa holds a very special significance in any U.S. presidential elections. Because of the Iowa caucuses.

The Iowa caucuses are an electoral event in which residents of the state of meet in precinct caucuses in all of its 1,682 precincts and elect delegates to the corresponding county conventions. Iowa is the first state in the nation to hold caucuses in a presidential election year.

It is for this reason that Republican and Democratic presidential candidates were all in Des Moines this weekend, partaking of Iowa pork and everything that the Iowa State Fair offers. Not to mention great opportunities for  political campaigning.

This year, the organizing committee of the Iowa State Fair decided to rename the event to Iowa Circus to better reflect the high-profile guests that have come to town.

With 17 Republican candidates and four Democrats hitting the fair grounds, the committee thought that ‘circus’ would be a more approriate name, especially with the field of clowns and comedians that make up the Republican group of presidential aspirants.

And we’re not just talking about Donald Trump!