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NRA Buys TOYS “R” US Flagship Store In Times Square, Establishes New Retail Chain

imageNEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles ) –When the flagship store of Toys “R” Us in New York closed after business hours on December 30, it was going to be for good. The toys retail giant cited exhorbitant rent and kids’ shifting consumer preferences towards drones, hoverboards and smart phones for its decision to leave Times Square after 14 years.

But the multi-level building in the heart of Manhattan will not be vacant for long.

Today, the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA) announced it has purchased the building as well as the toy chain’s popular trademark logo.

NRA president Wayne La Pierre said that the 5-million-strong gun rights organization will convert the former Toys “R” Us building into a state-of-the-art gun retail store under the name Guns “R” Us.  Smaller retail stores under the new flagship will be established nationwide.

“We are very encouraged by the overwhelming support from Republican legislators and presidential candidates for the Second Amendment, and we are very happy to do our share to fend off attacks on our right to bear arms.”La Pierre said.

There are rumors that Donald Trump is a major stockholder of the new  gun retail company but this could not be independently confirmed by The Adobo Chronicles.

So when the new store opens later this year, you can still buy guns, except that they will not be toy guns.


imageWACO, Texas (The Adobo Chronicles)  – The biker gang shootout at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco that killed nine and left 17 more injured is a “blessing,” according to Texas lawmakers.

State legislators made this comment as they prepared to take up a firearms open carry bill authored by Republican Rep. Larry Phillips.  The measure would allow licensed gun owners the right to open carry in most public places.

Gov. Greg Abbott and the Legislature’s strong Republican majority have pushed open carry as an important gun rights and self-defense measure. Most Democrats have opposed it, noting concerns from police in the state’s largest cities and gun control advocates about public safety. The state Senate has already passed its own open carry bill.

“We don’t need any more testimony from those who support the proposed measure, or from  those who oppose it. The Waco shootout was a sign from God to push us in approving the gun rights law,” the legislators said in unison.

“If citizens had been allowed to carry handguns and other firearms openly in public, the biker gang members involved in the shootout would have been afraid to shoot knowing that the restaurant owners and patrons would have joined in the gun fight, just like people see in Wild Wild West movies,” they added.

Expect a smooth sailing for Phillips’ bill this week. Governor Abbott says he can’t wait to sign the bill into law