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Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann

Minneapolis, Minnesota (The Adobo Chronicles) – Republican Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann staged her strongest attack yet against environmentalists who claim that global warming is responsible for the recent weird changes in the world’s weather pattern.

“Global warming is a myth and has no basis in science,” Bachmann said. She used this week’s weather forecast in her home state to debunk claims that the world is getting warmer and warmer.

Acccording to weather forecasts, Minnesota wll experience an entire week beginning Tuesday of below freezing temperatures from below to mid 20’s (freezing temperatures begin at 32 degrees F).image

“How can environmentalists claim global warming when right here in my state, we are freezing,” Bachamann said.

Bachmann made the comments as international negotiators gathering in Lima, Peru for climate change talks have agreed on a plan to fight global warming that would for the first time commit all countries to cutting their greenhouse gas emissions.