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U.S. bishops welcome Pope Francis in Washington, D.C., as he alights from a tiny Fiat
U.S. bishops welcome Pope Francis in Washington, D.C., as he alights from a tiny Fiat

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan (The Adobo Chronicles® ) –  Fiat, the Italian part of the global Fiat-Chrysler alliance, is having more and more trouble selling its small, inexpensive cars in America. Most recent data on “days to turn,” the average number of days dealers have cars in inventory before selling them, continues to rise for Fiat.

But thanks to the U.S. visit of Pope Francis, Fiat sales in the U.S. have more than tripled in just the last two days.  This, after Catholic car buyers watched media coverage of the Pontiff’s activities in Washington, D.C., during which he has been transported from the airport to The White House to the U.S. Capitol and other venues  in a tiny Fiat instead of the usual Cadillac limousines afforded visiting dignitaries.

Even in the Vatican, the Pope has traded his limousine and Popemobile in favor of a used Fiat.

Since becoming pope, Francis has led an uncomplicated life, rejecting the pompous and ostentatious ways of The Vatican. From shoes to garments, from living quarters to automobiles, he has chosen the way of simplicity and poverty.

Will this signal the end of Volkswagen’s and Toyota’s world dominance in automaking?




SCV 1, the papal car license plate
SCV 1, the papal car license plate

Wall Street, New York City –  Stocks of Mercedes-Benz plummeted to their lowest level ever as the opening bell rang at all trading houses this morning. Listed as Daimler AG , its parent company, Mercedez Benz saw prices drop to under ten dollars per share, compared to its all-time average of almost eighty dollars.

This shocking development  for investors came as  news of Pope Francis’ trip to Brazil filled the front pages of worldwide dailies and made headlines in broadcast news and the social media.  As was widely reported, the Pope continued to refuse to use the bullet-proof popemobile during his appearances in the Catholic country, opting instead to borrow an old Fiat owned by a local Brazilian resident.  As a result, the value of Fiat stocks tripled in just the last 24 hours.

imageMost of the popemobiles used by previous popes were manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, except for the one used by Pope John Paul during his visit to the Philippines in 1995. It was manufactured by the local Francisco Motors, makers of the colorful jeepneys, kings of the road in all of Metro Manila’s streets and highways.