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Las Vegas, Nevada (The Adobo Chronicles) – iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and now what? iPeed?

Apple, the leading manufacturer of computers and smart mobile devices, has just announced its newest product, the iPeed. It was unveiled at a developer conference held this morning at the Mandalay Bay conference center in Las Vegas.

The new device is geared towards busy mothers of newborn babies as well as their baby sitters. It is an early-warning device clipped to baby diapers which sends a signal to the mother’s or baby sitter’s iPhone or other mobile device. When the baby pees, the device immediately senses the bioactivity and sends a beeping sound to the bluetooth-connected device.  This will then alert the adults of the need to change the baby’s diaper.

Right now, the iPeed can only be used with iOS devices. Android users will have to wait another year for a compatible version.

The iPeed will retail for $29.99, iPhone or mobile device not included.



Mayweather, left, vs. Pacquiao
Mayweather, left, vs. Pacquiao

Las Vegas, Nevada (Exclusive to The Adobo Chronicles) – As temperatures in this desert city rose to a sweltering 113 degrees Farenheit (45 degrees Celsius), the hot news of the day was not about the September 13 boxing rematch between Floyd Mayweather and Argentine challenger Marcos Maidana. It was about the rematch being cancelled (Mayweather narrowly defeated Maidana last May).

Mayweather announced that he was withdrawing from the September fight at the MGM Grand arena and will instead face Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao on the exact same day. The much-awaited Mayweather- Pacquiao face-off will be held at the new Philippine Arena, now the world’s largest indoor arena.

For years, Mayweather has refused to fight Pacquiao because the Filipino congressman has repeatedly refused to undergo a blood test to screen for performance-enhancing drugs. Pacquiao has said that he becomes too weak whenever blood is drawn from him.

What changed?

Apparently, Mayweather is sick and tired of the dry heat that is characteristic of Las Vegas, especially in the summer months. Yesterday, Mayweather  hang up his boxing gloves during his training bout in an undisclosed location on the Las Vegas Strip, complaining about the extreme heat, even with indoor airconditioning.

But the deal breaker for Mayweather was the fact that the Philippine church group, Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ), offered to increase his prize money – win or lose – for a match with Pacquiao.

Iglesia Ni Cristo owns the 60,000-capacity Philippine Arena located just a few miles north of Manila.

As for the weather in the Philippines, Mayweather was assured that temperatures in September average about 80 degrees Farenheit (26 degrees Celsius) which the Amercan boxer finds to be the perfect weather for his fights.

The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is being billed as ‘Extreme Weatha in Manila,’ following in the footsteps of the infamous  ‘Thrilla in Manila ‘ between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazer.




drunk-palinDenver, Colorado (Exclusive to The Adobo Chronicles) – Many people know about Sarah Palin’s recent speech in Denver, ranting for more than 30 minutes about impeaching President Barack Obama.  But very few people know that the former vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor was arrested for public intoxication.

Palin was guest speaker at the Western Conservative Summit. Apparently, she flew into Denver the same day and was reportedly anxious about the turbulence on the approach to the Denver airport. A flight attendant said that Palin had ordered  several shots of tequila as a way to calm her nerves.

Upon arrival in Denver, she was picked up at the airport by a limousine driver who was to take her to the site of the summit. Along the way, she made one brief stop at a marijuana retail shop a few miles from the airport.

She received a warm welcome from the summit organizers who offered her not one, not two, but three glasses of chardonnay. Then it was time for her to deliver her speech.  One observer described her drunken speech as lacking in substance and full of Tea Party talking points that sounded like excepts from a poetry slam competition.

One audience member called the Denver police to complain about Palin’s drunken behavior which led to her arrest for public intoxication.  The police report indicated that in addition to her blood alcohol level which was three times the legal limit, she was also high on drugs.  That explained her brief stop on her way to her speaking engagement.

Denver police, however, said that she was only charged and arrested for public intoxication and not for being under the influence of controlled substance because, as most everyone knows, the state of Colorado has now legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

Palin was released 5 hours later after posting bail and sobering up.

For our readers who are curious and at the same time patient enough to listen to Palin’s drunken speech, here it is in its entirety:



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