imageHollywood, California – ‘Let It Go,’ from the Disney animated film ‘Frozen’ is considered by many as the frontrunner to win the Oscar for Best Song.

Composed by Filipino American Robert Lopez and wife Kristen, the nominated song was all set to be performed live for the first time by singer/actress Idina Menzel who was the voice behind the film’s Queen Elsa.  But things happen. Menzel has come down with the flu and will not be able to perform at Sunday’s Academy Awards show.

But no worries, Disney producers have chosen a replacement to sing the song at The Oscars: Miley Cyrus.  And it will be a very elaborate production, Disney style. The Adobo Chronicles learned that while Cyrus will not be twerking like she did at the last MTV Music Video Awards, she will be chained to a sculpted block of ice wearing the same outfit she wore at the MTV show, which means practically nothing. The ice is timed to fully melt by the time Cyrus ends the song. Then she will be “let go.” image

A national organization called Moms For Wholesome TV is planning to picket the awards show at the Dolby Theater to protest Cyrus’ performance. “The Oscars are supposed to be a family-oriented show, and to subject our young kids to more of Cyrus’ runaway x-rated performances is just unacceptable and immoral, especially if she sings a nominated song from a kids’ movie,” the moms said.



imageMoscow, Russia – The government of Vladimir Putin has offered Arizona full statehood in Russia. If Arizona accepts, it will become a recognized federal subject, the equivalent of states in the U.S.

Putin sent the offer in a message to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer after he learned that S.B. 1062 passed the Arizona Legislature and is now awaiting the Republican governor’s signature. The bill makes it legal for Arizona businesses to refuse service to gay men and women if it is not consistent with their religious beliefs. Russia has its own law, passed last year, that makes public display of homosexuality a crime – a law that had come under fire even as recent as the just-concluded Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Putin promised Brewer that the full expanse of Arizona will be “relocated”  to a deserted area in Northern Russia (see map).

Upon learning of the Russian offer to Arizona, the U.S. State Department sent a draft revised map of the U.S. to the White House, showing what 49 states would look like. The State Department is recommending that the former spot occupied by Arizona be assigned to one of the territories or countries that have expressed some desire to join the Union, among them, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines.


imageTarlac, Philippines – It usually takes decades and proven miracles for anyone to be canonized as a saint in the Catholic Church. But for the late Cory Aquino, former Philippine president, wife of murdered opposition leader Benigno Aquino, Jr., and mother of incumbent president NoyNoy Aquino, all it took was sainthood “by acclamation.”

Cory supporters and fanatics in her native Tarlac province, north of Manila, took it upon themselves to proclaim their idol as “Saint Cory of Hacienda Luisita.” Hacienda Luisita is an expansive piece of land owned by the Cojuanco and Aquino families which has been a sore thumb in the Philippines’ decades-old Agrarian Reform Program. To this day, many farmers who once tilled the soil at Hacienda Luisita have not gained ownership of their piece of land. Scores of others have actually been displaced and forced out of the land they once called home.

The powerful Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has been all but silent on Cory’s “sainthood.” Top bishops in the CBCP are known to have always aligned themselves with the Aquino family back since the regime of Ferdinand Marcos.

The Philippines has two saints canonized in Rome: Lorenzo Ruiz and Pedro Calungsod. Aquino is the first known saint to be canonized outside The Vatican.

In a related development, the Congress of the Philippines has passed a bill to rename the International Airport in the former U.S. airbase in Clark, province of Pampanga, as “Cory Aquino International Airport.

Opponents of the bill objected, saying that the government cannot name an airport after a saint because the Philippine Constitution provides for the separation of church and state.

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