imageManila, Philippines (The Adob Chronicles) – Boxing coaches usually throw in the towel into the boxing ring to signify the end of a boxing match and to concede defeat. But Filipino world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao did it himself today without any help from his boxing coach. Pacquiao becomes the first boxing champion to throw in the towel outside of an actual boxing fight.

Pacquiao is the first and only eight-division world champion, in which he has won ten world titles, as well as the first to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes. According to Forbes, he is the 14th highest paid athlete in the world.

The champion boxer is throwing in the towel in favor of his first love: basketball.

In a press conference Monday, Pacquiao was officially named head coach of KIA Motors’ new team that will be playing in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) next season.  PBA is the local counterpart of the American NBA. KIA Motors is the local franchise of the South Korean car manufacturing company.

Pacquiao was seen profusely sweating during the press conference, apparently because the airconditioning unit at the Manila Overseas Club was not working. He kept wiping his sweat with his favorite boxing towel which he has always considered his lucky charm.

At the conclusion of the press conference, Pacquiao threw the towel into his new red and white gym bag marked KIA Motors Head Coach.

Many of Pacquiao’s political rivals are also hoping he would throw in the towel as Congress representative of his native province of Sarangani. Congressman Pacquiao curently holds the record as the Philippine Legislature’s No. 1 Absentee.






imagePalo Alto, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Twenty years ago, a study by American scientist Dean Hamer claimed to have discovered a so-called “gay gene” – but his research was criticised vocally by several right-wing US politicians and certain members of the religious community.

Now, scientists at the Human Genome Project have found evidence pointing to the existence of not one, but two or more so-called “gay genes.”

“Sexual orientation has nothing to do with choice,” said lead researcher Michael Bailey of Northwestern University in Chicago. “Our findings suggest there may be genes at play, and we found evidence for two sets that affect whether a man is gay or straight.”

Meanwhile, researchers at Stanford University are about to announce the results of a ground-breaking study that explains why people become heterosexual. They discovered a mutant gene which they named HTXL-1 which is responsible for a person’s heterosexual orientation.

“During the first three months of pregnancy, human genes circulate inside the fetus, trying to claim their proper position in the baby’s overall genetic makeup,” the researchers said. “During this process, a few genes mutate, causing a great imbalance in the genetic makeup. This mutation and imbalance produce right-leaning genes and eventually determine a person’s heterosexual orientaion,” they added.

The study concluded that 90% of fetuses develop these mutant genes.



Sister Cristina
The Voice of Italy winner Suor Cristina

Rome, Italy (The Adobo Chronicles) – As expected, Suor Cristina, the 25-year old Sicilian nun, won the finals of the reality show The Voice of Italy.

In a success story that many have seen as fitting for the era of a popular, down-to-earth pope, Cristina Scuccia’s appearance on the reality television show has gripped viewers in Italy since her blind audition where she sang Alicia Keys’ No One. That performance — which left the judges looking incredulous and program directors suddenly seeing a potential blockbuster — went viral and generated more than 51 Million views on YouTube.  Thursday’s finals garnered a 21% audience share for the public broadcaster’s Rai 2 Channel.

But as with any competition, there is controversy, and there are protests.  The season finalists protested the audience vote, accusing Pope Francis of rigging the process — or at least using the papal influence to shape the outcome.

The Adobo Chronicles reported way back in March that Pope Francis said he would vote for Suor Cristina.  Apparently, most of Italy’s 60 Million Catholics followed their spiritual leader.

The unsuccessful finalists said they have hired an attorney to file a formal protest  and seek the annulment of the final results on the basis of “unfair advantage” on their part. Italians are skeptical about the merits of the complaint and more so, doubt its successful outcome since even in the Catholic Church, annulment (as in marriage annulment)  is a very long and complicated process.  Some have said that the finalists were just being sour losers.

Meanwhile, Suor Cristina is reportedly facing the biggest dilemma of her life: whether to quit the religious life and pursue a worldly singing career, or remain within her blessed calling.





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