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imageBoston, Massachusetts – From Boston to New York, from San Francisco to Indianapolis, Irish pubs are reporting a mysterious disappearance of popular brands of Irish beer. It doesn’t bode well for the country’s Irish American population, especially with the upcoming St. Patrick’s day observance on Monday, March 17. What would St. Pat’s day be without Irish beer?

Suppliers have said that their inventory of  Irish beer has never reached such a low level, saying their orders from manufacturers have been backlogged for several weeks now.

An investigation by reporters of The Adobo Chronicles has uncovered an unusually huge purchase of Irish beer brands by a famed company in St. Louis, Missouri – Budweiser. Our reporters obtained a confidential memo from Budweiser high officials directing their purchasing department to buy and hoard as much Irish beer as possible. The memo said: “Our marketing goal this coming St. Patrick’s Day is to create an artificial shortage of Irish beer so that beer drinkers will have no choice but to consume Budweiser beer.”

St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S. is credited with the highest beer consumption at any time in any given year.

It is estimated that almost 12% of the U.S. population is of Irish or part Irish heritage which makes the Irish American population greater than the actual Irish population in Ireland.

So on Monday, be prepared to be pinched by old ladies for not wearing something green, and to drink Budweiser in place of Guinness or other Irish beer brands.



imageMakati City, Philippines – Makati is known as the Wall Street of the Philippines , a financial hub where towering offices, hotels and condos dwarf the squatter shanties just a stone’s throw away. It is also known for its feisty mayor Junjun Binay, son of the incumbent vice president and brother to two other Binays, a senator and a congresswoman.

Mayor Binay was recently embroiled in a controversy where he tried to bully his way into a private upscale residential village because he wanted a shorter, traffic- free route to his destination. When the village security guards refused passage to the mayor’s convoy, he made sure the security guards were “invited” to the local police precint for questioning.

But that controversy is gone now and the mayor is buoyed up by news that Makati has achieved a prestigious world record – the number one spot in fact – which he attributes to his administration. Makati has just been named top ‘selfie capital’ of the world, according to Instagram records. Makati topped the list with 258 selfie takers per 100,000 people. Makati has a population of 500,000.

To celebrate this great honor, Mayor Binay has declared March 14 as a city-wide holiday with a ticker tape parade scheduled at 11 am. Binay is urging all Makati residents to take to the streets that day and not to leave their homes without their smart phones. According to Binay’s brilliant plan, at exactly 12 noon, all parade participants and spectators will be asked to take a selfie with their smart phones. Apparently, Binay is aiming for another world record, the most number of selfies taken at the exact same time.

Pasig, a Metro Manila suburb was named top selfie capital, along with Makati, but Pasig residents don’t think it is such a big deal. The same sentiment has been expressed by Cebu City in Central Philippines which was ranked number 9 in the world. So no ticker tape parade or holidays in either Pasig or Cebu.


imageManila, Philippines – From Chicago to San Francisco, from Hong Kong to Venice, water ferries are a popular mode of transportation for both business and pleasure. Manila wants to be known as the ferry capital of the world and is working very hard to earn that distinction.

This week, the Manila Metropolitan Development Authority (MMDA) unveiled a prototype ferry that would transport passengers from one end of the polluted Pasig River to the other, and it is living up to the Philippine tourism meme of “It’s More Fun In the Philippines.”

The prototype ferry consists of a steel barge lined with used rubber tires and on it sits a yellow dilapidated mini-bus that once traversed the traffic-ridden streets of the Philippine metropolis.  “The Pasig River ferry boat will be like no other in the world,” and MMDA official said. “It is not only a ferry boat, it is also a bus,” he added.

The new ferry boats will start operating sometime in April this year and passengers will be charged 80 Pesos (roughly $2) each way.

Instead of life jackets, passengers will be handed disposable face masks in order to protect them from the stench of the polluted river.

Responding to media questions, MMDA said that the new ferry system will not contribute to further polluting the river since the boats will not be using regular gasoline to operate.  Instead, the boats will run on lambanog, a popular local wine made from coconut.  Because of its potency, the lambanog “fuel” has the potential to kill bacteria and viruses that may be clinging to debris floating in the river. “Quite ingenious,” commented one Manila commuter who says he is so sick of the daily traffic gridlock.

MMDA said there will be 5 ferries operating, each with a capacity of 40 passengers. This means a potential of 200 less commuters on Manila’s overcrowded buses and jeepneys each time the ferries run.