Baguio Restaurant, Former Haunted House, Not Doing Very Well

BAGUIO, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – It was called the Laperal White House, a long-time landmark in the City of Pines — infamous for being “haunted.”

Now, the old house which was used as a garrison by the Japanese forces during World War II, is gone. Not the building, but the name. It is now Joseph’s, a high-end dining place.

Unfortunately, despite the hype, Joseph’s opened with a few glitches to the dismay of its first-day patrons. Some Mariteses (gossip mongers) say that the restaurant is not doing very well, financially.

But leave it to the entrepreneurial skills of the Filipino.

Joseph’s has just launched an extensive Public Relations campaign to boost its image and business.

It has hired ghost writers!


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