Nobel Laureates Stand Up For Nuclear Plants, Maria Ressa Is Missing!

BERLIN, Germany (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) – Nobel laureates and leading scientists are urging German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to stop his country’s nuclear exit, saying that eliminating this major source of low-carbon power while reopening coal power plants endangers the global climate.

Visibly absent from this group of Nobel laureates is Maria Ressa.

The Adobo Chronicles reached out to Ressa at her posh Rappler office and asked her why she hasn’t added her name to this urging.

She said science, environment and technology are way beyond her limited expertise, and added, “But you can ask me anything about the law being weaponized to curtail press freedom, holding the line, death by a thousand cuts, how to stand up to a dictator or a lie told a thousand times becoming the truth, then we can talk!”

Well, no one can be all-knowing.


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