Former Australian Senator Calls Leni Robredo A ‘Liar!’

SYDNEY, Australia (The Adobo Chronicles, Sydney Bureau) – Lee Rhiannon, member of the International Observer Mission (IOM) and former Member of the Australian Senate, Australian Greens, today called Atty. Leni Robredo a “liar.”

Rhiannon was reacting to a recent admission by Robredo that her legal and computer teams found no evidence that the former Vice President was cheated during the 2022 Philippine presidential elections.

On the contrary, the Australian observer maintained that “the evidence is overwhelming. . .that Marcos, Jr. and Sarah (sic) Duterte were not legitimately elected.”

Bongbong Marcos won the election overwhelmingly, garnering 31 Million votes compared to Robredo’s 15 Million.

HERE is an interview with the Aussie where she offered no specific evidence of her and IOM’s conclusion.


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