A Metro Manila Film Festival For Every Season!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – “Oh no not in spring time, summer, winter or fall — no never would I leave you at all.”

Taking their cue from the classic, “If Ever I Would Leave You,” the organizers of the Metro Manila Film Festival (MFFF) promised to bring the much-awaited event not just during the Christmas holidays but every three months from hereon — spring, summer, fall and winter. Never mind that the Philippines only has two seasons, the wet and dry seasons.

Anything that brings in moolah! Who really cares about quality films?

To make good on this promise, the Summer MMFF will unfold beginning April 8, organizers said, then every three months thereafter.

MMFF however made it clear that previously-identified film directors will be disqualified from participating because of their politics. “We want the film festival to be void of politics,” organizers said.

Among those ineligible for the season by season film festival are Darryl Yap, Vince Tañada and Joel Lamangan.

Other than the directors, Vice Ganda who has been a mainstay in MMFF, was also banned because her slapstick films have dominated box office receipts to the disadvantage of other film productions.


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