Earthlings Won’t Need To Circumnavigate The Globe, Fly To The Moon!

MALL OF ASIA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Pasay City Bureau) – For more than two decades now, Filipinos and tourists have been circumnavigating the globe while staying put in the Philippines — no visas needed, no expensive flights and hotels, no need to travel for months on end. This, thanks to the Mall of Asia giant globe, built in 2006. A quick trip to the Manila Bayside complex lets one go around the world in just a few minutes.

Now, people won’t have to dream or aspire to fly to the moon!

Dubai is set to build a moon-shaped resort that would give visitors and residents alike the lunar experience while still setting foot on the ground.

The US $5 Billion resort is designed to offer an accessible and authentic space tourism experience to enthusiasts around the world as it is a simulation of the Moon giving travelers an authentic lunar surface to explore without having to travel outside the stratosphere.

The impressive 10-acre resort will include a wellness center, convention center, restaurants and nightclub and more, focusing on areas such as space tourism, hospitality and technology. It will also feature 300 private residences called ‘Sky Villas’, which are available for purchase. And, in fact, all within the huge crater-shaped moon.

So plan early and schedule a trip to Dubai, ahm… the Moon!


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