Rappler To Close Its Offices In Philippines, Indonesia!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Rappler employees are commending their CEO Maria Ressa for her courageous display of concern for them amid the worsening coronavirus pandemic.

Yesterday, Ressa announced that Rappler was permanently closing down its offices in the Philippines and Indonesia.

The diffcult decision was reached after no less than Rappler reported that the Philippines has surpassed Indonesia as the ASEAN country with the highest number of Covid-19 confirmed cases. The online news source also reported that Indonesia now has the most number of Covid-19 deaths in all of Southeast Asia.

”The health and safety of my employees are my priority concerns and I can’t continue to operate my business in either country without feeling responsible should any of them contract the deadly virus,” Ressa told The Adobo Chronicles.

Asked what her plans are for her business, Ressa said that since she is also a U.S. citizen, she might operate Rappler from the United States while allowing her staff to work from their own homes in the Philippines and Indonesia.

“After all, my staff are used to using Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when reporting or investigating the news,” Ressa added.


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