Anti-Liquor Ban Movement Grows In The Philippines

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – For more than 75 days now, many Filipinos have religiously followed government-imposed protocols to help their country deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Including observing the liquor ban.

But there comes a point when people have had enough. They want their alcohol. Not the 75% or 99% used as disinfectant against the coronavirus.

However, peace-loving Filipinos are not resorting to riots like those that are spreading like wildfire across America. Rather, they are mounting their anti-liquor ban surely but calmly.

Pastor Elon Mask (not his real name), threatened to drink all the Mompo (mass wine) in the sacristy of his parish church, while appetizing on hostia (sacramental host.)

Chef Yeow Can Cook posted on his Facebook page the three top reasons why he thinks the liquor ban should be lifted immediately.

Kristian Bornagain, meanwhile, told The Adobo Chronicles he has been praying fervently to St. Edward, patron of pandemic victims, to protect him and his loved ones from the corona virus, while asking San Miguel (St. Micahel) to intercede with officials to lift the liquor ban.

Will these appeals fall on deaf ears?

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