ABS-CBN To Enter Into ‘Katol’ Business

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) – Resilience and ingenuity are traits that Filipinos are known for and they’re evident especially in the business world.

Just hours after it was forced to go off the air due to the expiration of its broadcasting franchise, ABS-CBN announced it would enter into the katol business.

For the unfamiliar, katol is the self-burning coil popular in the Philippines, used to keep mosquitoes away.

A spokesperson for ABS-CBN told The Adobo Chronicles that the former network sees great potential in katol as prevention for mosquito-borne diseases like dengue.  It also foresees the product’s potential in fighting off the spread of viruses, including Covid-19.

“What we’re happy about,” the spokesperson said, “is that we don’t have to reinvent our company logo since what we have now pretty much resembles the katol. We just need to make some adjustments in our logo’s colors.”


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