Karen Davila: Manny Pacquiao Eyeing To Buy ABS-CBN

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) – In less than 48 hours since ABS-CBN went off the air as part of an NTC order coinciding with its franchise expiration, Senator Manny Pacquiao has indicated he’s very interested in purchasing the giant broadcast network.

The boxer-turned-Senator revealed his plans during an interview with Karen Davila, aired via live streaming on ANC.

Here’s a transcript of the interview:

Davila: Mr. Senator, what are your thoughts regarding the closure of ABS-CBN over the expiration of its broadcast franchise?

Pacquiao: The law is the law.  We all should respect and abide by it.

Davila: But our fans, supporters, and talents are saying that this is the worst time to shut down the network considering the country is in the midst of dealing with a pandemic.

Pacquiao:   Covid-19 doesn’t come with a timeline, but franchises do.

Davila: As  Senator, would you support the granting of a new franchise to ABS-CBN?

Pacquiao:  As a Senator, I would, if that’s the decision that Congress comes up with.  But as a private investor, I have other plans.

Davila:  Oh?

Pacquiao: My wife Jinky and I have been discussing about making an offer to buy ABS-CBN from the Lopezes.

Davila: Really? Wow, that means, I will continue to have a job after all!

Pacquiao: Not so fast, Karen.

Davila: Yes, Senator?

Pacquiao: Remember the last time you interviewed me on your show, you pinned me down about my political plans because I didn’t have a college degree?

Davila: Uhmmm, yes…

Pacquiao: Well, people without college degrees can become big investors, and as investors, they can make their own business decisions.

Davila: What are you trying to get at, Mr. Senator?

Pacquiao: As a new owner of ABS-CBN, one of my first decisions is to re-hire all the network’s current employees, except you. As Donald Trump likes to say, “You’re fired!”



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