Move Over Gen Z And Millennials, A New Generation Emerges

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) –  An international conference on generations that has just concluded in San Francisco has come up with a revised generational spectrum, adding the new “Coronial Generation.”

The conference unanimously approved  the recommendation to add the said generation after considering latest developments marked by the worldwide spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus.   The recommendation  states that people born starting in the year 2020 will be classified as members of the Coronial Generation.

The revised generational spectrum:

  • Coronial Generation: Born 2020-TBD
  • Gen Z, iGen, or Centennials: Born 1996 – 2019
  • Millennials or Gen Y: Born 1977 – 1995.
  • Generation X: Born 1965 – 1976.
  • Baby Boomers: Born 1946 – 1964.
  • Traditionalists or Silent Generation: Born 1945 and before.
Welcome, Coronials!

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