San Francisco: Visas Not Needed For Foreign Nationals From Manila And Other Sister Cities

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – While the U.S. Federal Government under Donald Trump seems to be clamping down  on immigration from Muslim and other countries, the City and County of San Francisco is  going the opposite direction.

If you are a citizen of Manila, Barcelona, Seoul, Paris or other sister cities of the City by the Bay, you’re in luck!

Today, the San Francisco City Council unanimously approved a resolution that would automatically grant visa-free status to foreign nationals of SF’s sister cities. The City Mayor is expected to sign the resolution

(San Francisco is one of the so-called sanctuary cities, defying Federal immigration laws and policies to provide refuge  to undocumented immigrants.)

To qualify for the no-visa policy, foreign nationals must provide documentation that they are legal residents of the sister city concerned and that they must fly directly into the San Francisco International Airport.

The foreign nationals will be allowed to stay in San Francisco for a maximum of six months or until Federal immigration agents arrest and deport them, whichever comes first. They can travel to other U.S. states and cities at their own risk.

Currently, San Francisco has established sister city relationships with 18 cities across the globe. See list here.



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