Celebrities Increasingly Face “Your Mom “ Jokes

by Zane Lee-Briggs

A recent trend at the Oscars and Grammys was the young stars bringing their mothers as guests to the events. The public figures and their mothers would even go as far as to take pictures together on the red carpet.

However nice and warm-hearted this may be, a new research study shows that this plan of action can not be recommended. “You see, celebrities bringing their mothers to these things puts them at an exceedingly high risk falling victim to “Your Mom” jokes,” said Princeton researcher Joseph Walker. “And that just can not happen. It would be a PR nightmare.” He concluded. Since hearing about this, celebrities around the nation have been quick to take Dr. Walker’s advice, and have gone to great measures to assure that they will never fall victim to a career-ending Your Mom joke.

Zane Lee-Briggs is a young satirist with special interests politics, philosophy, and your mom jokes. He also has a persistent tendency to not take anything seriously. If you have a sacred cow, chances are Zane has already turned it into a nice piece of steak. His website can be found at http://www.levitymagazine.com

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