New Study Points To A Single Model Of Disinformation In The Philippines

PARIS, France (The Adobo Chroniles, Paris Bureau) – A new study published by the Trans Atlantic Treaty Organization (TATO) has identified a single model of disinformation in the Philippines which contradicts a similar study published by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The NATO study points to four models of disinformation in the Philipppines, including what it describes as “state-sponsored” model that leads to the “silencing, self-censorship, and chilling effects among dissenters, and the public.”

The TATO study, on the other hand, points to a single model of disinformation perpetrated by the Yellow kind (political Opposition), that aims for the disenfranchisement of the legitimately-established government while desperately seeking to regain long-lost power and influence.

Neither Malacañang nor the Opposition has commented on the TATO study.

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