Drug Czar Scraps Operation Tokhang, Replaces It with Operationg Talklang

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – One of the first actions of Vice President Leni Robredo after she assumed the position of Drug Czar was to scrap  ‘Opertion Tokhang,’ the anti-illegal drug strategy of knocking on doors of drug suspects to bring them back to the fold of the law.  Critics say that Tokhang has resulted in the unnecessary killing  of drug suspects.

Instead, Robredo wants to pursue “Operation TalkLang.”  It would involve law enforcement authorities  who will refrain from violent and possiblly fatal confrontation with drug suspects.  Police officers, armed with just body cams and whistles, will simply calmly talk to the suspects to surrender.

Duterte supporters however find the new campaign  indicative of Robredo’s incompetent and clueless strategy in addressing the illegal drug problem. “She’s all just talk,” they said.

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