City Of Baguio To Export Biodegradable Waste To Australia

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The  Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – Baguio has moved quickly to deal with the stinky situation resulting from the closure of a major dumpsite in the city.

With the suspension of Irisan dumpsite, city residents have been advised that garbage collectors will no longer collect biodegradable trash (nabubulok).

But not to worry. The Baguio City Council has passed a resolution authorizing the shipment of compostable waste to Australia.

A spokesperson for the City Government told The Adobo Chronicles that two large shipping containers will arrve shortly and will be stationed at City Hall’s parking lot. Residents can then bring their nabubulok trash to City Hall.

Once full, containers will be shipped to Australia for composting. The compost will then be shipped back to Baguio to be used as fertilizer by fruit and vegetable farmers in neighboring La Trinidad.

All’s well that  ends well in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

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