OVP Explains What Appears To Be Robredo’s Weight Gain

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – It is not uncommon for the news or social media to speculate on the health condition of President Rodrigo Duterte when he misses a scheduled meeting or appearance, or even when they notice a slight change in his skin tone.

So when they saw photos and video clips of Vice President Leni Robredo at last weekend’s graduation rites of the Philippine Military Academy, similar speculations started to surface.

At issue was what appeared to be Robredo’s weight gain, some even pointing out that the dress she wore was ‘bursting at the seams.’

And how could anyone miss Duterte’s comment that the Vice President no longer smiles at the President? Was there a connection with the alleged weight gain?

To end all speculation, the Office of the Vice President. (OVP) released a statement explaining the weight gain.

”The VP was in so much stress prior, during and after the  May 13 Philippine elections, the results of which showed a devastating loss by the Opposition.  Additionally, she was so busy warding off questions from the news media regarding allegations by ‘Bikoy’ implicating her and others in a supposed plot to topple the Duterte administration.”

”Robredo was her usual self whenever reporters mobbed her with questions she refused to answer: she would ask them to just join her for snacks (meryenda).”

”The OVP staff noticed that Robredo was binging on tikoy and biko, perhaps as a subconscious reaction to the Bikoy issue and the issue of biko that surfaced in connection with Viko Sotto’s now successful quest to become mayor pf Pasig City.”

So now you know…

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