China To Issue Work Visas To Migrating Filipinos Disappointed By PH Election Results

05B8442D-BC62-4805-BEC6-718494BA2A74.jpegBEIJING, China (The Adobo Chronicles, Hong Kong Bureau) – The pseudo news site Rappler is reporting a spike in the number of Filipinos doing a Google search on the word “migrate” following Monday’s Philippine elections which showed devastating results for the Opposition candidates.

Unofficial tally all but points to a zero win for the Opposition Senatorial candidates (Otso Diretso).

Sensing an urgent desire by those disappointed at the election results to leave the country and migrate somewhere, China announced that it will be issuing permanent work visas to Filipinos to enable them to immigrate to Chinese-claimed territories in the South China Sea.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Otso Diretso candidates have expressed keen interest in availing of the Chinese offer.

”We need workers to help build infrastructure in our territories and we welcome hard-working Filipinos to be part of our labor force,” a statement from the Beijing government said.

The only condition set by China is that Filipinos given permanent work visas will no longer be able to return to the Philippines. “That’s why we’re calling it ‘permanent visa,’” a government spokesperson said.

In the meantime, Philippine Foreign Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin promised that the DFA and the Department of Labor and Employment will help facilitate the migration of Filipinos disappointed by the election results:


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