Mark Zuckerberg To Maria Ressa: You’re A Bully, Persona Non Grata!

MENLO PARK, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Bureau) – Mark Zuckerberg has had it with Maria Ressa’s self-defecating antics.  He called the Rappler CEO a bully and a persona non grata, describing her as someone who likes to bite the hand of the one who feeds her.

Zuckerberg made the comment after Ressa once again complained that her predicament — including several charges brought against her for violating Philippine law — are to be partly blamed on Facebook.

In the past,  Ressa had accused Facebook of sowing political division among the public and allowing the proliferation of online “trolls’ and “fake news.”

Ressa’s accusations seemed to have earned for her and Rappler the Facebook designation of “fact-checker” of misinformation spread on social media in the Philippines.  Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg wanted to “appease” Ressa for her tirade against the giant social networking site.

But from all indications, Ressa’s motivation in criticizing Zuckerberg seems anchored on her vested business interest and the preservation of her online news start-up that has begun to lose credibility and following.

One of her infamous taglines was that it was time “to take back the Internet” as if she and Rappler owned it.

Well, but Zuckerberg owns Facebook and would not allow Ressa to bully him into giving in to her whims and illusions of grandeur.

From one CEO to another!


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