The Curious Case of Senator Antonio Trillanes’ Missing Signature

20513F35-248E-46CD-A84B-31342924DC62MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It has been reported in Philippine news media that the 5 minority Senators (otherwise known as Voltes 5) have filed a resolution calling for the release from jail of Senator Leila de Lima, as urged by the United Nations Human Rights Council.

But what has not been reported was that one of the Senators, Antonio Trillanes (whose current whereabouts could not be confirmed by The Adobo Chronicles) didn’t sign the resolution.

As seen by images of the resolution published by the news media, the signature line above Trillanes’ name was blank.  However, the same images show a separate page in which Trillanes’ signature appears, with another signature/initial appearing underneath.

This led to various speculation that Trillanes may be out of the country, didn’t really agree to the resolution, somebody faked his signature, or some other curious reasons.

We’ll leave it to the fact-checkers Rappler and Vera Files to investigate the matter.  After all, they’re being paid to do the job.

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