A Mixed Protest At St. Scholastica’s Academy

A52057F8-B47F-4690-B5AE-976D44206193.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Nuns at St. Scholastica’s are known for egging their students to walk out of their classes to protest against the Duterte administration and other issues of national concern.

They did it again to protest what they called a “Duterte Dictatorship.”

But this time, the nuns were caught off-guard when some students instead carried placards announcing that they were vaccinated with Dengvaxia, the controversial Dengue vaccine that has caused the deaths of almost 100 students to date.

Rumors have it that the school, particulary the Marikina campus, offered Dengvaxia to its students at an exhorbitant price.

8F839E65-2E4E-4C55-95E6-9EF807F51407When the Dengvaxia controversy surfaced, the school tried to do a cover up, even taking down the Internet page that announced its Dengue vaccination program for its students. But what’s on the Internet stays on the Internet, so archives of the school’s Dengvaxia announcement has resurfaced.

Shall we expect a press conference soon from St. Scho?


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